Moka Pot + Nordico Specialty

An icon of Art Deco design and emblem of Italian coffee culture, the moka pot is recognized by millions of people around the world. The Moka Pot was designed by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialleti who, in 1930, presented the first original prototype. After several attempts, he invented a preparation system that changed the image of coffee in Italy.

It is a domestic product, easy to use and with an ingenious design that uses only four elements in three parts to compose a coffee maker that produces exceptional coffee.

Around the 1920s, Bialetti came up with this innovative idea by looking at laundresses who washed clothes in a tub with a central tube that distributed hot water and soap. He was so impressed by the boiling procedure that he replicated it inside the small coffee maker. Bialleti said: “a coffee at home just like one at the bar”.

Loaded with body and bitterness, it is the ideal method to bring out the chocolatey, spicy and earthy flavors.

Moka Pot
Cafetería Italiana

Created in 1930. It is the best way to make espresso at home. A concentrated coffee is obtained with less caffeine anda a good dark roasted body. Dosage: each coffee maker has its exact measure. TIPS: User fresh, freshly ground coffee, Fill the water compartment to the mark. Fill the coffee comparment flush, without squeezing or crushin the coffee.

So, YES! Moka Pot + Nordico Specialty coffee and enjoy!! ☕🖤✨

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